Accent Flavor Enhancer

Accent wakes up the flavors in your food. Accent adds depth to food flavor. It’s been a “secret ingredient” of many chefs for years. Accent has 60% less sodium than salt and is a terrific alternative to salt for people watching their sodium intake.

Accent Flavor Enhancer Product


Monosodium Glutamate.
Gluten Free, kosher.


7 Responses to “Accent Flavor Enhancer”

  1. simon harrington

    do not cook with in need a large one about 12 boxes

  2. JeLisa A

    Are you all not going to mention that this is literally MSG in a bottle? Horrible for human, or any consumption really

  3. Elli

    They do say the latest it is monosodium glutamate.

    Almost nobody actually has an MSG sensitivity. It’s kind of like all those people who are “gluten sensitive” because it is cool to be a martyr. They accidentally get the regular pasta instead of the gluten free and don’t have any reaction.
    Or the MSG sensitive people that are only sensitive to it in Chinese food.

    If it wasn’t sad, it would be adorable. But for people who actually do have allergies, it isn’t a game or something with cheat days.

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